Dracula Undead       The recording artists
The Red Ace (Jim Wilson)
DRACULA UNDEAD - The musical!

Dracula Undead is the third of five albums I've been recording under the stage name of “The Red Ace” at Big Noise Studios in Rochford over the last few years.

I wrote the melody and lyrics to the title song “Dracula” over fifty years ago but put it aside while I wrote many other songs which held more interest for me at the time.

About thirty years ago I decided to try to write a musical based on the book.
I finished the title song and started writing more songs and instrumental music based on scenes taken directly from the book, then started on the stage play, which took several more years.
Unfortunately, I tried to record the songs at my home studio, and I had so many technical delays that this added several more wasted years to the project.
Eventually I decided to go to a professional studio to record this and four other albums that I'd been working on, and at last everything started to progress, despite many further delays waiting for various musicians and singers to fit me into their own busy schedules.

With regards to this album, I'm hoping that the title "Dracula" track may be commercially successful, as there has always been such great interest in both vampires in general and the story of the Count in particular.
Each track is preceded by a verbal introduction taken (with minor adjustments) from the original book.
If you only have time to listen to one track, try the title "Dracula" track, as if you don't like that one, you probably won't like any of the others!
I'd be very interested to hear any comments you may have on tracks that you either do or don't like, as I may well be adding or subtracting further songs before the project eventually (if ever!) makes it to the stage!


   For the Dead Travel Fast (keyboards)
   We Have a Right to be Proud (keyboards)
   Children of the Night (keyboards)
   Vampire Women (keyboards)
   God Forgive Me (keyboards)
   Fool Talk (vocals)
   The Sky is Beautiful (guitar)
   Into the Storm (keyboards)
   Taste of a Fly (vocals)
   True Friends (keyboards)
   Dracula (guitar)
   Sleep My Love (vocals and keyboards)
   I Hear the Waves (keyboards)

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