Hannah Shayle Kennedy
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Hannah Shayle Kennedy
Hannah Shayle Kennedy is an outstanding mezzo-soprano singer who solos several of the most important songs on this album. Her rendition of the title track "Dracula", is a true tour de force!
The Essex-based singer has been performing for 12 years in shows, competitively and in bands. She's vastly experienced in all different styles and is incredibly passionate about what she does!

Singing Styles
Adult Contemporary, Cabaret, Choral, Country, Funk, Gospel, Indie, Jazz/Blues, Musical Theatre, Opera, Pop, Rock, Soul

Specific Singing Skills
Alto, Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano

General Dance Skills
Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz

Interested In
A cappella, Backing Vocalist, Choral, Commericals, Cruise Ships, Lead Vocalist, Musical Theatre, Open Mic Events, Opera, Session work, Teaching Jobs, Tour (Europe), Tour (UK), Tour (Worldwide), Tribute Acts

Experienced In
Backing Vocalist, Choral, Cruise Ships, Lead Vocalist, Musical Theatre, Soloist, Tribute Acts

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